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Don’t waste your time

Don’t waste your time. 5 years later and it still doesn’t work. Whatever you select it will show up as something different.

Useless app, better to just use your calendar

The app doesn’t do what it was designed to do... allow you to log treatments and set reminders. when you try to log a treatment the app automatically switches the body part you choose. Neck area instead of underarms or lower legs instead of bikini... I gave up, I’ll use my calendar. It will take me less time and give me the basics of what I need

Wrong settings

I put underarms and lower legs and it saved it as cheeks and chin?

Needs fixes

When selecting it to bikini it changes it to lower legs.

Missing body part

No selection for "back" as a body part. I guess people don't have hair there. :-(

Treated Body Part selection inaccurate

When saving a selected body part, it changes the selection.

Incorrect selection tool

When selecting a body area the app saves it as a different area than the one selected.

Error when selecting body part

I selected under arm and it defaulted to cheeks when I saved the treatment and when I selected bikini it defaulted to lower leg when I saved.


App is crashing when I tap treatment.


Lets me keep track of treatments but won't access my calendar to remind me. I tried fixing settings but it doesn't show up in settings privacy menu.

Does not work

Loaded the app twice. When opening it, it briefly shows a picture and the the screen turns black.

Such a time saver

I love that it schedules AND reminds me when my next treatments should be. Who knew it could be as easy as a simple app download. Love it!

Great app!!

I love this app, it schedules my next treatment and reminds me when its time for the treatment.

Don't even bother

Installed the app, a-okay, but when I try to use the app I see the title screen and then it goes completely black. I would love to use this app in conjunction with my iLight system, but I don't think that will ever happen unless the bugs are fixed.


same as the previous review. install and open, it pops on the screen for one second, then it goes black and nothing happens. wait and wait forever, and still nothing. hope the i-light machine i just got works better than this garbage app! not a good sign!!

Doesn't work

Downloaded it and it just freezes and goes black. Reinstalled it but it doesn't work.

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